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When it comes to the SEO of your website - we at Reconcept are your ultimate solution!
The company was founded at the end of 2005 and demonstrating great business acumen, established itself as one of the leading companies in SEO and marketing on the web.
The company offers a wide range of services that your website needs. Among them:
  • - SEO in Google
  • - Management of campaigns in Google - PPC.
  • - Professional design for your website.
  • - Building of websites with content management systems.
  • - Marketable writing and content management.
  • - Storage of your website and ongoing maintenance.
And most importantly, a friendly staff that will always be there for you!

Search Engine Optimization

To what extent do keywords promote ?

You can use as many keywords as you wish.However , you have to take into account how Google works and what to do to make this promotion practical.
The promotion in Google will be done as follows :
Two to three keywords will be chosen for the main page, where we expect to see focused and segmented traffic in your website with maximum number of surfers.
In addition , we will add variations and combinations of the keywords.
The remaining words will be interspersed througout the internal pages of the website.
It is possible to promote many words , but you should bear in mind that each keyword requires the creation of an additional page in the website that will contain the chosen keywords.In some cases there is a possibility of promoting two phrases on the same page.
This is how it works :
At first we will promote the main keywords on the main page . All the other pages of this website will also appear , but the stress will be put on the main words. Having produced good results in the main page , we can now boost the phrases in the internal pages.It goes without saying that when we decide which keywords we intend to use , we must take into consideration the relevance of the search word to the website.We should try to locate the focused surfers because they are our potential customers.We should not try to promote a general word though it may have a high volume search , but is not connected to the website.Should somebody surf such a website , he will leave it at once.The chances he will ever return to this website are slim.


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