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When it comes to the SEO of your website - we at Reconcept are your ultimate solution!
The company was founded at the end of 2005 and demonstrating great business acumen, established itself as one of the leading companies in SEO and marketing on the web.
The company offers a wide range of services that your website needs. Among them:
  • - SEO in Google
  • - Management of campaigns in Google - PPC.
  • - Professional design for your website.
  • - Building of websites with content management systems.
  • - Marketable writing and content management.
  • - Storage of your website and ongoing maintenance.
And most importantly, a friendly staff that will always be there for you!

Search Engine Optimization

Reconcept - SEO - Website promotion

You have a business and are known for your excellent service. Do you want the whole world to know about you ? Would you like to sell much more ? Well , you've come to the right place! Reconcept is the leading company in the field of website promotion in Israel. Do you want to be number one in Google? This is our expertise . Your success is guaranteed.When we launch a SEO project , we first lay out an in-depth and promotional markrting strategy. Not only do want more people to use the search engine , but we also aim at generating more traffic and increasing sales in the website.In order to achieve this aim , we employ first-rate copywriters who will offer you the best promotional text possible. Should the need arise , we will build a new breathtaking site which will be compatible with all the regulations and exsisting browsers. Special emphasis will be placed on a promotional and eye-catching design.

Here are some websites we have built recently. Website promotion companies in Israel abound. How am I to know which one will produce the best results in the shortest time ? Our results speak for themselves. Here are some websites which we have promoted :
  • - - promoted to the first place using the word toys.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the word kayaks.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the word yacht.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the word balloons.
  • - Bouzuki – promoted to the first place using the words Greek music.
  • - Fc-law – promoted to the first place using the words police record.
  • - –promoted to the first place using the words ATVS Journeys.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words an invitation to a wedding.
  • - - promoted to the first plce using the words storage of websites.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words jobs in Eilat.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words a sweet bouquet.
  • - - promoted to the first place using the word polish.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the word marble.
  • - – promted to the first place using the words Software for running a business.
  • - - promoted to the first place using the words raising money.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words fashion design studies.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words selling gold.
  • - – promoted to the first place using the words umbilical blood.
We are the only company where results count for the most important thing.Moreover , we are the only company that takes pride in showing its position to its clients.
Do you want to share our success ? Don't wait – call us today ! Among our services we offer the Edwards Google adwords. Our expertise lies in paying a minimal price per-click while at the same time maintaining a high place in Goole.Here are some before and after examples. The results are really amazing : while reducing the cost by up to 40 per cent , we increased impressions by more than 100 per cent.In this way we helped our client save NIS400 a month in the Google adwords. We began the project at the end of March 2008. It included organic promotion of the Google search results. At the same time we had to address the abortive Google adwords campaign. The comparison spans the period between February 1 until September 1 2008.

February 2008
Impressions – 32429
Clicks -1612
Percentage of clicks – 4.97%
Average cost per-click –NIS4.10
Cost – NIS 6603
March 2008
Impressions- 29030
Clicks – 1075
Percentage of clicks – 3.70%
Average cost per-click –NIS 3.34
Cost –NIS 3595
April 2008
Impressions – 23967
Clicks – 823
Percentage of clicks -3.43%
Average cost per-click – NIS 2.97
May 2008
Impressions – 25192
Clicks – 901
Percentage of clicks – 3.85%
Average cost per-click – NIS2.59
Cost – Ish 2337
June 2008
Impressions – 12700
Clicks -547
Percentage of clicks – 4.31%
Average cost per-click – NIS 1.99
Cost –NIS 1086
July 2008
Impressions- 11901
Clicks – 473
Percentage of clicks – 3.97%
Average cost per-click – NIS 1.95
August 2008
Impressions -11549
Clicks – 617
Percentage of clicks – 5.34%
Average cost per-click – NIS 2.40
Cost –NIS 1482

Summing up six months of website promotion and the building of the Google adwords.

We started our publicity campaign at an exceptinally high monthly cost of NIS 6603 and an average cost of NIS 4.10 per –click. It was agreed that at the end of the process the monthly cost of the Google adwors would not exceed NIS 1500 a month.During the promotional period , we promoted the website in the field of relevant keywords. In order to achieve an organic promotion of the website we arranged the keywords according to how frequently they appeared as well as to the monthly cost of each keyword in the Google adwords. After a keyword reached a reasonable position in Google , we stpopped using it in the campaign , thus saving a lot of money.Currently , the Google adwords contain only those keywords that do not appear in the main page of the organic search results.
We reached a high percentage of clicks (5.34%) while maintaining an exceptinally low cost of NIS 2.40 per click.In this way the client saved NIS 400 per month in the Google adwards.
We are the only company that caters to all your needs under the same roof.Among the complementary services we offer:
  • - Storage of websites for no extra payment.
  • - The designing and building of websites.
  • - The management of adwords.
  • - The writing of content.
  • - Promotion of the website.
  • - Registration to indices.
  • - The publication of the website in the network.
  • - Counseling and guidance in marketing the website.
But most important of all , we are at your service at all hours. Just imagine how much you could earn if your clients found out that your website is at the top of the list in Google because of the relevant keywords , or for that matter , why should your competition , rather than you get so much traffic ?

A contribution to website promotion in Israel and to anyone interested in the promotion of websites

Would you like to know the ins and outs of website promotion or how Google works , how to be numero ono and not settle for less?
The following information is the result of many years of website promotion and is based on the success of scores of websites we have promoted to the first place over the years.The website contains material designed for both beginners and advanced surfers who consider themselves professinal in this field.

How does Google work and how does one promote a website ?

When you are looking for a specific phrase in the Goole search engine , Google displays the phrases according to the order of their relevance.The most relevant will appear first , tHe second most relevant will appear second and so forth.So how does one promote the website to the top of the list ? It's as simple as that. Google searches for the most relevant website and puts it in the first place.So all you have to do is convince Google that your website is the most relevant.
Does it sound simple ? Well , it could be. Just follow our advice and you"ll be at the top of the list.

Website promotion – how to reach the first place in Google ?

Goole is a search engine , it's a robot. It doesn't read pictures , it doesn't see the design , it doesn't hear music , but it reads texts , names of files and links.In order to be relevant , all you have to do is to learn Google's paramaters of the formula and be able to upgrade them.Convince Google that you are number one and leave the rest to Google – it will put you at the top of the list.

Website promotion – Google's formula

I must admit that nobody knows exactly what the formula is and how each parameter affects the formula.But I "ll let you in on a little secret- it's quite clear what the parameters are but it makes no difference how each parameter affects the formula.The main thing is to know how to maximize each parameter of the formula. If we do it , we strongly believe that every website cab reach the first place . It all depends on your knowledge and undesrstanding of website promotion and of course , on how much effort you are willing to devote to reach your goal.

Paremeters of SEO

I would like to give you some of the parameters in Google's formula . This is only a partial list . I will dwell on the other parameters later on . The parameters are :
  • - Seniority of the domain.
  • - Optimization of the website source
  • - Links to other websites in the network.
  • - Where to find the phrases in the website.
These are , in a nutshell , some of the parameters.All you have to do is go over each one of them and try to improve it.You are a heartbeat away from the first place !!

Professional website promotion - the beginning

Many people think that after buying a domain and building a website , it's time to promote . This is a grave mistake. The first secret I want to reveal has to do with the seniority of your domain.A website with seniority will be in a higher place than an identical website with no seniority.So what am I to do ? I recommend that first you buy a domain with seniority and look for the theme in Google.Look for inactive domains with seniority , then try to find domain masters with seniority but without websites and buy them from them. It is important that you run a check on the seniority of the domain in Make sure that the web has a link to this domain.You should check these incoming links in and run the check in . Note that if you want to promote a Hebrew website in Google , you should buy a domain. If it's a website in English that you want to promote in World Google , buy a com domain.Don't ever try to promote to the first place a domain that ends in com . If the first page is good enough for you , a com domain is a possibility , but it is not recommended.
Now the question arises : what should I do if I have a domain with no seniority or is a com domain ? Well , each case should be addressed on its merit.
You have already built the website and it is active and well known – this of course entails a lot of hard work , but you should know that in order to be at the top , you can't afford to settle for being good – you should always strive to be the best !!!
Now that we have an excellent domain with the right ending and seniority you can be sure that you left your competition in the shade . This is the time to build your website!


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